Heavenly Desserts with a Heavenly Taste

Our Supply Chain

Our commercial team travel the UK to ensure that our customers are well supported, because, in our view, this is a partnership.

Along the way, we take care to learn about and understand the existing and future market with its demands, to enable us to develop and provide market-fit products. Our production operation is set up to handle products that will meet widely ranging tastes. We encourage customers to visit us, and work with us in situ to develop great new product ideas specifically tailored to their needs. Our understanding of the market as a whole becomes an invaluable extension of our customers’ own marketing resource.

Product / Packaging Info

Finished product sizes vary significantly, but are currently available from 75g to 625g.

APET, is a type of PET and one of the best clear plastic materials for pre-formed packaging. APET, moulds are 100% is recyclable plastic and can be collected in UK household rubbish waste collections.   PET is a recyclable and reusable plastic which can be cleaned to create a multi-use, re-useable plastic from both post-consumer waste and post-industrial waste.  Clear and blue tint plastic is recycled and, following cleaning and re-processing are reused to create rPET packaging and other products.

rPET is a type of PET.  rPET is a clean recycled food grade approved APET. All rPET packaging supplied to Heaven Made Foods has full FDA/FSA food approval. rPET has high transparency and is perfect for retail visual merchandising with the added advantage of increasing shelf-life of perishable (and non-perishable) products.  Clear rPET packaging showcases products with a high gloss, protective, and shatter-resistant packaging, and due to its’ protective properties also reduces food waste and is recognised as keeping food fresher for longer.

Quality Process

The customer’s we supply expect consistent high quality. And it’s our ability to meet that expectation that’s made us a major dessert manufacturer. All our products are made to rigorous specifications written by us and approved by our customers and manufactured under the most stringent hygiene standards. The result is high quality product that allows our customers to give their consumers just what they want.

Our Factory

Heavenmade Foods aims to ensure that all products manufactured by the company are of the highest quality and are produced, stored and distributed in compliance with statutory requirements.
Our purpose-built BRC AA* rated production facilities located in the East of England are furnished with state-of-the-art equipment having the ability to satisfy demand and respond quickly to your requirements
Our highly trained staff demonstrate due diligence in all aspects of our food production and distribution, helping to create gourmet products of exceptional quality that far exceed the requirements of our customers and consumers.

Heaven Made Foods


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Open Hours

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